The Importance of Training and How we can help you?

Economic Benefits


The majority of the least economically developed countries in the world are in Africa. A major factor in keeping countries from being able to fight poverty is the inaccessibility of higher education and training. If no one can afford to educate themselves further, they can’t get better-paying jobs and so remain trapped in poverty.

Approver Travel recognizes that skills transfers should be incorporated where possible through our Corporates working in Africa.

We have recently undertaken the opportunity to design training content that will impact and help in-country staff working in Travel. Some of these people have never had the opportunity to travel themselves so we intend to empower staff from the ground up touching on:

Airline and Airport knowledge
Booking Systems
Accommodation and Connecting services
Fares and seat classes and there impact on pricing.

We have partnered with Travelport, one of the world’s largest travel content providers. They have provided us with online courses which are globally recognized.

Approver believes education in Africa is something of a crisis and out of reach for many, there needs to be an alternative way to bring education to the population. By using Approver Travel we hope to bring further education to the people.
By making training and skills development available to people, be it in the smallest form, we can help people to upskill themselves and stand a better chance of growth and better job opportunities.
Skills development and training is an investment

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