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Galatia Chadwick


Galatia’s travel career has spanned almost 20 years, having worked in retail, wholesale, corporate travel and having trained travel consultants.

Managing teams and winning awards has lead her to offer some of the best consulting services in the travel industry.

Her ethos is straight forward, surround yourself with the very best people in travel, always be available, coupled with seamless, personal service, not often found in larger corporate agencies.

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Michelle Palath

Michelle has been committed to the travel industry for 13 years. When chatting to her she will tell you she never wanted to do anything else as a career. She is a flight fares specialist and brings a wealth of knowledge to the travel desk. Speed and efficiency describe her work style.

Having managed some strong travel teams and visited mines across Africa makes her a force in our business.

Countries Visited: 20 countries visited.
Top companies serviced: ENRC, BOSS Mining, Katanga /Mumi (Glencore)

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Andrea Harvey

Andrea has spent the last 13 years honing her craft in the Minerals processing and engineering travel community. Very detailed and methodical describes her approach to travel consulting. Having also run successful travel teams has given her global insight into countries and destinations.

Andrea has visited mines in Zambia and the DRC which has given her a deeper understanding regarding logistics and operations on the ground.

Countries Visited: 24
Top Clients serviced: Samancor, FQMO Zambia and Moto Engil Africa

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