Changes to the Travel Industry Due to Covid-19

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post about the effects of COVID-19 on business travel, the pandemic is estimated to end in 2023, which means most businesses still have to navigate the pandemic and its effects for at least another 24 months. These may be conservative estimates as there are more “breakthrough COVID-19” cases for those with the vaccine.

The consensus among governments worldwide, having been in a pandemic for the better part of 18 months, is to maintain economic activity, in which business travel is a significant component. However, while a country cannot be shut down indefinitely, newer variants – like Delta – are making governments hesitant to restore travel to pre-pandemic levels.

The Importance of Navigating Travel With The Help of a Travel Manager

Understanding that travelling at pre-pandemic levels is out of the question, having a travel manager becomes a crucial part of the new world of travel. Because while more countries are lifting restrictions, there is still a considerable amount of uncertainty, stress, and expense involved in what was previously a routine business trip.

That said, having a dedicated travel manager will help you:

Conquer Uncertainty

While there are predictive models in place, no one knows with certainty what the travel landscape will look like in a month or two, both in your departing country and your destination. This means that if an unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 occurs, you – and the thousands of other travellers – enter a loop of uncertainty. But with the help of a travel manager, you have a base of communication that gives you access to contingency plans that are less likely to disrupt your travel schedule.

Limit Your Exposure To Risk and Loss

We’ve discussed that travel insurance is the best way to reduce your exposure to loss because of infection or travel restrictions. That said, having a travel manager on your side reduces the cost of labour and time associated with benefiting from travel insurance and making arrangements that ensure your plans are uninterrupted. Ultimately, a travel manager makes the entire experience more convenient.
Furthermore, your travel manager can help you prepare for potential losses because of proprietary access to forecasting data which can be applied to your flight plans in anticipation of changing regulations.

Enable Continuity and Relieve The Stress of COVID-19 Travel

Business travel has become an extremely stressful endeavour. The burden of documentation has caused many long-held travel plans to hang in the balance based on a traveller’s ability to provide that documentation.
Most travellers are unaware of the requirements, which may foil their plans. Even for those business travellers who are aware, preparing these documents can be arduous.
Your travel manager reduces this burden by assisting in preparing and submitting these documents, which can include:

  • Passenger Locator Forms, which would need to be filled in online.
  • Travel Declarations, which you provide on entry at your travel destination.
  • Flight Passes are usually submitted 48 hours before arrival.

Since each country has different entry requirements, relying on a travel manager to confirm the documentation required and then guide you through the process helps you save time and resources.

While countries like France and Germany allow vaccinated travellers to enter without quarantine, many countries are constantly revising their travel policies – including their requirements for vaccinated travellers, which will only delay a return to normal travel.
By relying on an experienced and available travel management team, you ensure you aren’t affected by the changing travel landscape because of COVID-19.